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  Juan del Mar

One of the icons of the Plaza de San Diego is Juan del Mar. We are talking about Juan del Mar Restaurant, Juan del Mar Pizzeria Gourmet, and the charismatic artist behind every detail. This received the formula to offer a gourmet tour that went beyond borders, without leaving the square. Try the seafood, fish with a Cartagena touch in the Republican house, live music and its delicious gourmet thin-crust pizzas served in a remodeled setting in the historic center.

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Juan Del Mar in his 2 kitchens


Currently, Cartagena’s gastronomic scene is one of the most outstanding in the Colombian Caribbean, especially due to a successful mix of innovation, new haute cuisine talents and the power of local food.

This magical restaurant is located in a restored republican house that preserves its architecture, its original floors and walls, contrasted with an eclectic decoration.


EVERY DAY 12:30 pm-3:00 pm y de 6:30 pm a 11:00 pm
Creamy Prawn Rice
Creamy rice paella with prawns and white fish in encocada sea sauce. ( x2 people)


Loin to the Cartagena
Grilled beef tenderloin, accompanied by fresh Creole stew of grilled tomatoes and onions.


Grilled fish
Grilled white fish on creamy potato and citrus oil.


Pasta with Clams
Long pasta accompanied by clams sautéed in olive oil, fresh tomato, white wine.


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